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  • Machine Embroidered Primrose 

Make a miniture primrose using free machine embroidery and displayed in a terracotta pot. This day school is suitable for both novice and experienced machine embroider.


  • Tea Bag Art

Using mixed media create a piece of vintage looking art work or a set of post cards with tea bags and pieces from your stash. Use up some of those odds and ends which never seem to get out of the cupboard.

Lends itself to hand stitching but could incorporate macho stitch.

Every piece created will be individual. 


  • Serviette Quilting

Transform a serviette / paper napkin into a beautiful piece of textile art or functional item. 
Each piece can be hand or machine stitched and embellished with beads.




  • Working with Lutradur

Create a mini corset by learning how to stitch and manipulate Lutradur  to produce a 3D effect and  create a unique piece of textile art, using free machine embroidery and  some hand stitch. Embelishments of beads and sequins can be added.


  • Please contact me to discuss bespoke day schools

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